Oaxacan Sling/Tote bag

Oaxacan Sling/Tote bag


The Saltfish Surf Co. Sling Bag is easy and unobtrusive, and can carry a surfboard comfortably, while doubling as a tote. Use it off the beach to hold a yoga mat, or logs for your post-surf bonfire at night. Interior pockets provide storage for your gear and valuables, keeping them close at hand.

- Designed in California/Assembled in Mexico
- Outside: Hand woven Oaxacan rug/premium leather
- Lining: 12oz canvas/heavyweight pellon
- Straps: ¼ wide/14” drop/premium leather
- Straps on straps: ¼” wide/10” long/adjustable length with 2 antique brass snap buttons/hold skateboard, towel, umbrella…
- Stitching: heavy-duty waterproof thread
- Hardware: antique brass D hook/swivel/twist lock/magnetic snap button
- Inside fin/wax/key pocket: 12oz canvas/premium leaher/magnetic snap button

Each bag in the Oaxaca collection is unique in its pattern and colors.

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