The Saltfish Surf Co. Story

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The Concept

Founded in 2014 by Romain Goudinoux, Saltfish Surf Co. is a Venice Beach-based lifestyle brand inspired by the ocean and the passion for traveling and designing functional and beautifully designed products.

From chilly mornings by the ocean to late nights by the campfire with friends, the Saltfish collection is inspired by impromptu trips around the world.


The Design

Working with local artists, the brand merges its laidback California roots with the rebellious spirit of small surf towns from around the world. Saltfish's design is both functional and stylish - extending beyond the beach. 

Every piece is sustainably-produced and handmade by some of the best artists in the world, supporting local communities and fair trade.

Each collection is also produced in limited numbers, ensuring the uniqueness and exclusivity of your product. For more questions about sourcing and production, feel free to contact us.